Taste All the Range of Japanese Food!

In its 15 years long history, the Tanaka restaurant has grown to become one of the biggest Japanese dining destinations located in Washington, DC! Together as a bug team of cooking pros we’ve introduced Americans to a wide variety of new and classic Japanese meals, strengthening the cultural exchange between our two great nations

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Food as a Lifestyle

“If I were trapped in one city and had to eat one nation’s cuisine for the rest of my life, I would not mind eating Japanese. I adore Japanese food. I love it. “

3 Big Reasons to Visit Our Restaurant…


We have an extensive range of traditional Japnese lunches and dinners, which includes all the traditional food items this country is associated with – from sushi rolls to tofu and dim sum


Besides cooking and serving a wide range of well-known Japanese dishes, we also focus on introducing the Westerners to all of the range of meals that the versatile Japanese culture has produced over the centuries!


Be sure that besides being delicious all of the ingredients that we’re using for preparing our dishes are fresh and absolutely healthy for you! This is especially true when we talk about the fish and seafood meals, like sushi!

Meet our Team

Tanaka is a family owned restaurant, which treasures the atmosphere just as much as the dining menu. We assembled a strong team of professionals, all of whom aspire to constantly excel and step up!

Our Team

Happy customers

Our customers always leave our restaurant in a better mood, so they always have some nice words to say about Tanaka, just listen:

As far as my personal experience with the Japanese cuisine goes, if I like the sushi rolls and the tofu, then the place rocks! Based on those criteria, this place rocks!

Erick Strombolds

posted on, TripAdvisor

While Japanese food is not my favorite, I never miss an opportunity to order the rolls that these guys cook here! In my office, they’ve become a real all-time favorite staple!

Mary Berrisome

posted on, foursquare

Chen Kenichi Visits Tanaka!

Just as recently as last month we’ve been both surprised and honored to welcome the most famous living Japanese food Chef – Chen Kenichi to our restaurant…

Being a cousin twice removed to our restaurant’s founder, Chef Takamoto Iwojima, Chef Kenichi did a video review of our place as a part of his new Japanese cable TV culinary show “Banzagatta”!